Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • Welcome to Mastering Product Creation, Standard Level
    • How to use this course, some tips for finding your way around
    • Before we begin...
    • How to get the best from this course
    • Route A
    • Route B
    • Route C
  • 2
    Chapter 1 - Aspects
    • What are aspects?
    • Simple rules for effective aspects
    • Creating an aspect & mask
    • Using Aspect Options
    • Test your knowledge of aspects
  • 3
    Chapter 2 - Print Areas
    • What is a print area?
    • How to set up the size and position of your print area
    • Setting the resolution of your print file
    • Creating artwork with a transparent background
    • Adding artwork to your print area
    • Test your learning
  • 4
    Chapter 3 - Colour Areas
    • What is a colour area?
    • How to get the best results with colour areas
    • Add colour options
    • Test your learning
  • 5
    Chapter 4 Image Areas
    • What's in Chapter 4?
    • What is an image area?
    • How to set the size and location of image areas
    • Rotation settings for your image area: why use them and how can you set them up?
    • Reminder: image areas -v- print areas
    • Using the Allow Move option
    • Using the Allow Rotate option
    • Using the Allow Resize option
    • Using the Allow Input option
    • How to use Fit Mode
    • Choosing the right Production Type
    • Quick Check-Point about Image Areas
    • What is an Image Placeholder and why should you use one?
    • How to link to an Image Gallery
    • What is the User Input Required option?
    • How to set Minimum Image Dimensions
    • Quick Image Areas Question
  • 6
    Chapter 5 - Text Areas
    • What's in this chapter?
    • What is a Text Area?
    • How to use the Text Area Interactive Preview
    • Using the Default Rotation field for text
    • How to use the Datepicker format
    • How to change the Production Type to embroidery
    • Using Single or Multi-Line Text Areas
    • Multi-Line text - how to set up a maximum number of lines
    • Quick Text Area Test
    • The Allow Move option for text
    • The Allow Resize option for text
    • The Allow Rotate option for text
    • The Allow Arc option for text
    • The Allow Input option for text
    • How to set up Placeholder Text
    • How to use Option Entries
    • How to create Font Sets
    • Default Text Size and setting up Size Sets
    • Default Text Colour and creating Colour Sets
    • A Quick Sets Quiz
    • Changing the text alignment using Horizontal Align
    • How to use the Force Casing options for Text
    • How to set up User Input Required validation
    • How to set up Max Lines validation for multi-lines text
    • How to set up Max Characters validation for text
    • How to set up an Input Rule for text
    • Text Areas - A Quick Question
  • 7
    Chapter 6 - Attributes
    • What are Attributes?
    • How to add Attributes to your product
  • 8
    Chapter 7 - Effects
    • Effects - coming soon!
  • 9
    Course Completion Assessment
    • Should I take the assessment?
  • 10
    Next steps
    • Congrats!
    • More resources coming up soon
    • Tell us what you think
    • Thank you and Credits